Education in Canada

In Canada, as well as in many countries, there are various educational institutions and schools. Our company will help to make a right decision to chose an educational institution and a program according to your choice of the ducation you wish to get. We will acquaint you with rules of transfer in any educational institution of Canada and submission of documents to obtaining permission of study and visa support.

List of the main educational institutions:

  • Elementary and secondary schools-are schools where students are studing up to Grade 12. Study in schools is in English or French languages. Tuition cost at schools from (Canadian dollars) $3,500 for half a year.
  • Higher educational institutions – universities and colleges where students receive professional skills, a main knowledge for future profession. Tuition cost in college from $7,000 a year to $14,000, at Universities from $20,000 to $50,000 a year.
  • Private and vocational schools. For those who prefers to choose better known school (college) with a professional bias and the strengthened preparation for admition to University, we offer option of private schools and colleges. The tuition cost is from $12,000 a year.
  • Language schools – are very popular in Canada as you will be able to receive knowledge of language, and first of all English and French directly from native speakers. Also, language schools offer a choice of studying any language according to your desire. The tuition cost is from $300 in a week.

How to select an Educational Institution.?

The most important reason of a choice of school, college or university, are interests, talents of the child and financial opportunities of a family. We represent various educational institutions in any part of Canada, whether it be the big megalopolis such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or small cities in any province of the country. A choice after you, and we will help our professional advice.

All secondary and elementary schools in Canada have the following:

  • have the Canadian system of secondary education (12 grades) which took the British education system as a basis
  • existence of a huge number of sports sections and teams
  • existence of musical ensembles, possibility of individual occupations by music (tool and theory) and existence of chorus
  • existence of the mentor program (teacher-advisor) and the mentor with whom different questions and problems of school life and psychological comfort of pupils are discussed in small uneven-age group
  • existence of department of mentors or consultants for the help in choice of profession, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS and paperwork for receipt
  • existence of ESL (English as Second Language), ELL (English Language Learning) and the help in language integration by that pupil for whom English isn’t the native language and many other things that will help to integrate into the Canadian system of an obrzovaniye smoothly.

Necessary documents for Study Permit:

  1. The statement on the Permission to Study made outside Canada
  2. Information on the Family
  3. Application for the Temporary Resident Visa
  4. Photocopy of your Marriage certificate ( if applicable)
  5. The declaration of guardianship – for children in Canada till 18 years.
  6. The letter from Education Institution where you intend to study.
  7. Proof of financial support of duration of your stay in Canada.
  8. The letter of MIDI from approval to your application for “Certificat d’acceptation du Québec” (CAQ) if you intend to study in the Province of Quebec. Note:
  9. Government fee for the visa – $150
  10. Copy of the passport:
  11. Two photos meeting the requirements of technical requirements of the photo of the Visa application form. At the end of two photos write the name and date of birth.
  12. Medical certificate about health (on demand from consulate of your country).

Our company will help the clients with filling and submission of all necessary documents for Study Permit Canada.

Frequent questions and answers:

Question: Who could be a guardian for my child in Canada?

Answer: All kids who are intend to study in Canada and who are under 18 y.o. need a guardian. The guarding of your child could be: family members in which the child will live, your relative or the authorized representative in Canada.

Question: Who will meet my child upon arrival to Canada?

Answer: Usually the trustee/guarding has to meet, in some cases, and at your request our company also provides services of a meeting at the airport or farewell.

Question: If my child got sick how medical care will be provided?

Answer: When you are applying for Study Permit and upon arrival to Canada, your child has to be insured for all duration of stay in the country. At any problem with health it is necessary the guarding or student by himself need to call to insurance company and to follow instructions (to go to hospital or to will be given the doctor’s address). Also, it is necessary to remember number 911 is a number in case to call ambulance, police or a fire department. The cost of the insurance is from $1,5 to $4 a day. We also provide help and in this matter.

Before and during the submission all documents for Study Permit in Canada, our company won’t leave our clients without answer to any question.

We are glad to help you and your children to gain and experience of study or work in one of the most remarkable countries as Canada!